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Altar of Pisignano

This low relief on an altar of Mithras killing the bull was found in a church in Pisignano, south of Ravenna.
Tauroctony of Pisignano

Tauroctony of Pisignano
Michael Fuller 

The New Mithraeum
25 Oct 2023

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Low-relief (H. 0.80 Br. 0.29 D. 0.22) in the church of Santa Stefano at Pisignano, South of Ravenna. The exact find-spot is unknown, but probably it originates from Pisignano itself.

Ducati in Felix Ravenna V, 1912, 191££ with Tav. 15; MM, 231. See fig. 194.

Mithras tauroctone in Eastetn attire. Around his Phrygian cap an aureole and seven rays. He is looking at the raven, which is perched on a rocky stone behind him. The dog is licking the blood from the wound, the serpent creeps over the ground; the scorpion at the testicles. No torchbearers. Mithras’ r. arm and hand with dagger ha…