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Weapons from Les Bolards

A number of metal objects and weapons have been found in the Mithraeum of Les Bolards, close to Nuits-Saint-Georges in France.
The New Mithraeum
25 Oct 2023

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Metal objects ("lancettes, pincettes, instruments it trois branches, boulet de fer") which must have belonged to the ritual objects, used for sacrifices or initiations. The coins mostly date from the end of the third and from the fourth centuries; the earliest known is of Commodus.

Excavated in 1948 and again in the 1970s, the Bolards Mithraeum yielded several monuments, a large number of ceramics and metal objects such as spear and arrowheads. In recent decades, more and more weapons have been discovered in a Mithraic context, such as in the Mithraeum II in Güglingen, where two

It …

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Mithréum des Bolards

The Mithraeum des Bolards was integrated into a therapeutic cultural complex related to healing waters.

Lion of Les Bolards

The lion sculpture found near the entrance of the Mithraeum at Les Bolards is unique in its genre.

Cautes des Bolards

This monument representing Cautes with uncrossed legs was consecrated by a certain Anttiocus.