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Mithraic vignettes of Ptuj

These fragments of a cult relief of Mithras were found at the Mithraeum II of Ptuj, Slovenia.
Mithraic vignettes of Ptuj

Mithraic vignettes of Ptuj

The New Mithraeum
25 Oct 2023

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Fragments of the greater marble cult-relief.

Abramic in Jahrb. f. Alt., VII, 1913, Taf. XXIV, 5; Führer, 74f with fig. 16. See fig. 386.

The relief represented Mithras as a bull-killer, as small remnants of Mithras’ flying cloak and a fragment (inv. No. 145) of his dressed thigh (H. 0.19) were found again. Two other fragments of the grotto seem to belong to the same relief.

The insides of two fragments which are grotto-like show four scenes and form parts of the r. side of the relief.

The greater part (Inv. No. 166; H. 0.55 Br. 0.24 D. 0.05) shows from bottom to top:

1) The

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Mithraeum II of Ptuj

Mithraeum II was found at Ptuj at a distance of 20 m south of the Mithraeum I in 1901.