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Aion of Porsione

This Aion is known for wearing a Kalathos on his lion’s head, linking him to the syncretic Sarapis.
The New Mithraeum
25 Oct 2023

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Statue, formerly "in aedibus Jo. Antonii di Ponione" (Porsione ?).

Standing figure with kalathos on lion’s head and two large wings attached to his shoulders. His body is entwined by three coils of the serpent, which directs its head towards an eye on the god’s breast. There are also eyes on each cheek and one on the forehead. Around his waist a belt on which a lion to the right. On the l. thigh a scorpion and a knife, on the other thigh a child, holding a pair of scales. The god holds in his l.h. a sceptre; in his hanging r.h. a patera.

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