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Aion from Luxor

This statuette was bought by A. Wiedemann in Luxor in 1882 from a man from Kus.
The New Mithraeum
25 Oct 2023

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Upper part of a statuette in limestone (H. 0.53). Find-spot unknown. The statuette had been bought by A. Wiedemann in 1882 at Luxor from a man "who just came from Kus, the ancient Apollinopolis". Probably in the Museum at Cairo.

Wiedemann in Wiener Zeitschr. f. die Kunde des Morgenlandes XXXI, 1924, 311 f. Further details of this statuette we have not been able to obtain.

Standing man with lion’s head, the mane of which cover a great part of his breast. A snake is winding itself over his shoulders, and via its arm-pits it ties itself into a knot over his breast. Judging from the remain…