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Inscription of Apronianus of Nesce

The dedicator of this monument is also known for having made a tauroctonic relief in Nesce.
The New Mithraeum
25 Oct 2023

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. . spelaeu]m Solis invic[ti / Mithrae pro salut]e ordinis et pop[uli / Apronianus arka]rius rei p(ublicae) vetustate [collap]sum / [perm(issu) ordin(is) de] sua pecunia restit[uit].

This same Apronianus also occurs on monument No. 650. He is known to have dedicated a sanctuary to Isis and Serapis when a r(ei) p(ublicae) aquilorum servus (CIL IX 4112).

CIL IX 4110; MMM II No. 153.

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