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Tauroctony of Split

This damage relief of Mithras killing the bull was found walled into a house near Split, Croatia.
The New Mithraeum
26 Oct 2023

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Relief in sandstone (H. 0.26 Br. 0.25 D. 0.07); at first walled in in a house at Solina; now in Split, Archaeological Museum Inv. 164, D.

Patsch in WMBH 1896, 50; MMM II 502 No. 232ter; Bulic in BASD 1909, 52f and Pl. VI, 1; Gabricevic in AJ I 1954, 37 No. 1; LeRoy Campbell in Berytus XI, 1954,47 No. 123. See fig. 475.

Mithras kills the bull in a grotto; the god’s r. arm and r.h. are lost. The animal’s tail ends in corn-ears. The dog, the serpent and the scorpion; the raven on the grotto’s border. Cautes (r) holds with two hands the torch upwards; Cautopates (l) holds the torch dow…