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Tauroctony of Becker’s collection

The provenance of this fragment of a white marble relief depicting Mithras as a bullkiller is unknown.
The New Mithraeum
26 Oct 2023

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Fragment of a white marble relief (H. 0.08). Exact place where found unknown, "wohl aus Südrussland". Formerly in the Coll. Becker, at present Ant. Mus. Berlin.

Museen zu Berlin, Verzeichnis der antiken Skulpturen, No. 708; MMM II 408f No. 287.

Right upper corner of a relief with the representation. of Mithras tauroctone. Only part of the bull, Mithras’ l.h. and the dog’s head are visible. In front of the bull the upper part of the body of Cautes, who lifts the torch with both hands. Above him Luna’s bust.