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Cautes of Sisak

This marble relief of Cautes was found in 1863 in Sisak, Croatia.
  • Cautes of Sisak

    Cautes of Sisak

  • Cautes of Sisak

    Cautes of Sisak
    Ortolf Harl 

The New Mithraeum
27 Oct 2023

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Marble relief (H. 0.49 Br. 0.25 D. 0.09). Found in Sisak in 1863. Zagreb, Arch. Museum (Inv. No. 17).

MM 233; J. Brunsmid in Vjesnik VIII, 1905, 63 No. 122 with fig. See fig. 376.

Cautes in Oriental dress standing cross-legged on a base. Uplifted torch in his r.h. Before his feet on a rocky ground a ram looking at him. In the r. upper and r. bottom corners an inscription.

CIMRM 1474

L.H. 0.025.

Urbicus / Sisci/ano/rum.