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Tauroctony of Donja Plemenšćina, Pregrada

This primitive relief of Mithras as a bullkiller is signed by a certain Valerius Marcelianus.
Tauroctony of Donja Plemenšćina, Pregrada

Tauroctony of Donja Plemenšćina, Pregrada
Ortolf Harl 

The New Mithraeum
27 Oct 2023

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Marble relief (H. 0.44 Br. 0.51 D. 0.05-0.068). Found in Donjoj Plemenscini near Pregrade.

I am obliged to the Director of the Museum Dr. Z. Vinski for the permission to take photographs and to publish the find. Zagreb, Arch. Museum (Inv. No. 16).

M. Seper in Vjesnik XXII-XXIII, 1942-3, 7ff and fig. 5. See fig. 373.

Primitive representation of Mithras in a grotto. Dog and serpent near the wound; the scorpion is not represented in the usual place, but before the serpent. Above the arch there is the raven. On either side a torchbearer with uplifted torches in both hands. Not

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