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Painted tauroctony of Rome

This unusual mural depicting Mithras killing the bull was found near the Colosseum in 1668.
The New Mithraeum
29 Oct 2023

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Wall-painting, discovered in the Casa di Tito "22 genare 1668 vicine il Colosseo" (Holk., II, 36).

In the beginning of the 18th century Topham made a number of aquarels, which were afterwards collected in five volumes and presented by him to Eton College. One of them represents our fresco (Eton, II No. 19). Another reproduction slightly deviating, however, (the reclining figure has been left out and the raven flies over Mithras’ head) is given by Codex Nettuno, f. 156 (cf. Windsor Castle Library, vol. 175 No. 11405). Finally two volumes with paintings are preserved at Holkham Hall, which