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Torchbearer restored as Paris

This sculpture, probably of Cautopates, now in the Musei Vaticani, was transformed into Paris.


The New Mithraeum
31 Oct 2023

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White marble statue (H. 1.46). Vatican, Mus. Chiaramonti, XXXIII,5.

Guattani, Mon. ant., 87ff, Taf. III; Massi, Ind. ant., 91 No. 42; E. Q. Visconti, Mus. Pio Clem., III, Pl. XXI; Opere varie, IV, 339 No. 115; Piranesi, Mon. Nap., IV Pl. IV; Zoega and Welcker, Abh., 94 n. 2; Ciarac, Mus. Sculpt., IV, 24 and Pl. 559 No. 1189; Gerhard-Platner, 204 No. 8; MMM II 209 No. 27 and Pl. II; RRS I 296, 1; Amelung, Skulpt. Vat., I (3),538 No. 352 and. Taf. 56; Anderson,1433 (see fig. 148).

Torchbearer, restored as a Paris. It may appear from the attitude, that he held the torch downwards with both …

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This is one of the two torchbearers, probably Cautes, transformed into Paris, now in the British Museum.