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Cautes and Cautopates of Sarrebourg

The base of these sandstone reliefs bears an inscription referring to a certain Marcellius Marianus.
Cautes and Cautopates of Sarrebourg

Cautes and Cautopates of Sarrebourg
Carole Raddato 

The New Mithraeum
7 Nov 2023

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Two reliefs in sandstone (H. 0.93-0.96 Br. 0.45 D. 0.18-0.15).

MMM II 516f and figs. 467-8; Fisenne, 146 Nos. 30-31; Esperandieu, No. 4564.

Both reliefs are broken in fragments and badly damaged. Two torchbearers in Eastern attire and cross-legged. Cautopates points his torch (broken) downwards. On the monument traces of fire. L. leg got lost. On the base an inscr. Cautes raises the torch, as is clear from the attitude of the arms.


CIL XIII 3450; MMM lINo. 491b.

ar / ... marli ... Marc/ellius Maria[nu]s de / suo posuit.

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