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Slab of Quintus Claudius from Santiponce

Recent interpretations link this marble inscription to the cult of the goddess Nemesis.
Slab of Quintus Claudius from Santiponce

Slab of Quintus Claudius from Santiponce

The New Mithraeum
7 Nov 2023

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White marble slab (H. 0.265 Br. 0.334 D. 0.30), found in Italica. Mus. Arq. Sevilla, Inv. No. 75.

Chicarro de Dios in Revista de Archivos LVI, 1950,4 and PI. I, 2.

Between two engraved feet an inscription:

Q(uintus) C(laudius) C.... / D(eo) i(nvicto) S(oli).

s(acrum) is possible too.

Greyish-white marble slab, found in fragments in the amphitheater of Italica, a Roman city in the province of Baetica (modern-day Santiponce, near Seville, Spain). The slab is dated to the first half of the 2nd century AD and is currently housed in the Archaeological Museum of Seville.