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Inscription of Tarragona

This fragment of the base of a statue from Tarragona, Spain, bears an inscription which appears to be dedicated to the invincible Mithras.
Inscription of Tarrragona

Inscription of Tarrragona

The New Mithraeum
10 Nov 2023
Updated on Nov 2023

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Two fragments of a small altar from Tarrago [sic].

ClL II 4086; MMM II No. 515.

[lnvi]cto Mithra[e] / ... (duo)vi[r] / ...cime / ...nn XV.

It was known from a drawing in an anonymous 16th-century manuscript. Another fragment appeared in 1800, but was thought to have been lost. Subsequently, a marble block was found that corresponds exactly to the left half of the manuscript drawing, on which the letters CTO can be read. This allows the partial reconstruction of the inscription as shown below. In addition, the manuscript indicates that there were two holes in the upper part for