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Tauroctony on intaglio

Large intaglio engraved with Mithras as bull slayer surrounded by a peculiar version of Cautes and Cautopates and other celestial deities.
Intaglio with petrogeny

Intaglio with petrogeny

The New Mithraeum
14 Nov 2023

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Large octagonal intaglio engraved with a scene representing Mithras sacrificing the bull. The scene is flanked by two dioscuri. In the field two busts of divinities, a sun, a caduceus, an eagle, an arrow, stars, a scorpion, a dolphin and an agate capride. 17th - 18th century Length: 8 cm

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Intaglio with Tauroctony and Lion with bee

This intaglio portrays Mithra slaying the bull on one side, and a lion with a bee, around seven stars, and inscription, on the other.