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Mitreo della domus dei capitelli

Archaeologists discovered the 20th temple dedicated to Mithras in Ostia during the restoration of the domus del capitello di stucco in 2022.
Fragments of taurocotony found in the domus dei capitelli.

Fragments of taurocotony found in the domus dei capitelli.
Parco archeologico di Ostia Antica 

The New Mithraeum
2 Dec 2023

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During further excavations in 2022 part of a stucco relief of Mithras was found in the building. The early reports say: "The interpretation of this stucco relief as a representation of the god Mithras in the act of sacrificing the bull was supported by the continuation of the excavation which, in addition to producing numerous other stucco fragments, led to the identification of the room in which it was found as a mithraeum".

Archaeologists and restorers, while securing the archaeological site of the Domus del Capitello, in Ostia Antica, unearthed a mithraeum.

Among the findings,