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Tauroctony slab privately owned

This fine Roman marble slab of the killing bull of Mithras belongs to a private owner, most recently from Los Angeles, USA.
Roman Marble Relief Mithras Killing Bull (Tauroctony)

Roman Marble Relief Mithras Killing Bull (Tauroctony)
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The New Mithraeum
14 Jun 2024

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Roman, Imperial period, c. 3rd century AD. An enticing marble relief depicting Mithras killing a sacred bull. Dressed in a tunic, Mithras is depicted in the traditional manner, kneeling over the beast as he stabs it with a dagger. His cloak flows behind him as he tears off the head of the struggling bull with his left hand, while his right foot holds down its hind hoof. Crow, scorpion, dog and lion are missing. No sign of Sol, Luna, Cautes or Cautopates.

Size: 1.2" L x 15.4" W x 12.1" H (3 cm x 39.1 cm x 30.7 cm)

Provenance: private Los Angeles, California, USA collection, acquired