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Aion from Villa Barberini

This lion-headed marble was found on the ruins of the Alban Villa of Domitianus.
22 May 2021
Aion from Villa Barberini

Aion from Villa Barberini


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Marble statue (H. 0.68), found in 1933 when the Villa Barberini, partly situated on the ruins of the Alban Villa of Domitianus, was added to the papal country-residence, Castel Gandolfo.

Illustrazione Vaticana 1933, 579f; Brendel in AA 1933, 595ff No. 7 and fig. 8; van Buren, Anc. Rome, 144f ana 162; Breccia, Cronos mitriaco, 263f; Pettazzoni in AntC XVIII, 1949, 265ff and figs. Pl. III, 5/6. Our figs. 89 and 90 with kind permission of the Direction of the Vatican Musea.

Standing Aion before a throne. His body is covered with a loin-cloth only.

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