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Aion of York

The statue was found in 1874 under the city wall of York during the construction of the railway station.
16 May 2021
Aion from York frontal view

Aion from York frontal view
Carole Raddato


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Statue in sandstone (H. 0.61), found in York (1875). Yorkshire, Philosophical Society.

Hubner in IVA LVIII, 1876, 147ff and PI. VIII, 1; MMM II 392 No. 271 and fig. 310.

On a base a standing, naked figure, dressed in a fringed loin-cloth, which is held together by a snakelike belt. In his hanging I.h. two keys, whereas the other, which is broken off as far as the elbow, must have held a sceptre, part of which is still visible on the edge of the stone, together with an undefinable object (thunder- bolt ?), half of which is preserved on the fringes.

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