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Relief of Aion on globe

The lion-headed god is standing on a globe encicled by two crossed bands on which five pearls.
15 Aug 2021
Updated 17 Aug 2021
Aion relief on a globe

Aion relief on a globe


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White marble relief (H. 0.78 Br. 0.28), Museo Torlonia. Naked Aion with lion's head is standing on a globe. His body is encircled by two crossed bands on which five pearls. On this head rests the head of a serpent, which holds the figure entwined in six coils. Two pair of wings are attached to hips and shoulders in opposite direction. In his l.h. he holds a long sceptre, on either side of which a knob. It is divided into twelve parts by a spiral. With the other hand he presses a key with five holes against his breast. In the l. upper corner a star; the other corner is broken off.

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