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Head of Mithras from the Mitreo degli Animali

The head of Mithras had seven holes made for fastening rays.
22 Jun 2009
Updated 24 May 2021
Cabeza de Mitra

Cabeza de Mitra


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Near the altar of the Mitreo degli Animali, a head of Mithras with Phrygian cap was found (h. 0.45). In the cap are holes for metal rays, so Mithras is depicted as Sol Invictus. Furthermore a head of Sol-Helios was found, with seven holes for rays.


Head of Greek marble (H. 0.46), found near the cult niche i.

Visconti in Mon. 1st. VIII, PI. LX, 4; Benndorf-SchOne, No. 547; MMM II 417, fig. 548 and 523 fig. 490; Cumont in RA 1947, 4ff with figs. 1-3; Becatti, 91 and PI. XXXI, 2-3. Lateran Museum.

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