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Mithraeum of Colchester

One of the rooms in a sustantive masonry building in Hollytrees Meadow was considered to be a Mithreum, a theory that has now been discarded.
4 Jun 2009
Updated 24 Aug 2021

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Remnants of a Mithraeum, discovered for a second time (1929) East of the temple dedicated to Claudius. Formerly (1853) explained as a water-basin.

New excavations have made it possible to draw up a ground-plan. The underground sanctuary A is preceded by a higher (2.00), overground room D, a pseudo-porticus accessible on the E.-side by an entrance. Along a narrow corridor, past several apartments one arrives at another entrance (Br. 1.43), which leads to a flight of stairs, which give access to the actual sanctuary. This is enclosed by heavy (1.

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