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Mithraeum of Prozor
2 Jun 2009
Updated 15 Aug 2021

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The Mithraea in the territory of Arupium were first mentioned by Š. Ljubić in 1882. He was followed by Patsch in 1900, and soon after also by Brunšmid. Hereafter a number of authors discussed the monuments of the Mithraic cult in the area of Arupium. Both Mithraea with rock-cut relief scenes of tauroctony cut directly in the natural rock were also mentioned in Vermaserenʼs corpus of Mithraic monuments. Two Mithraea were later discussed in greater or lesser detail by J. Medini, R. Beck, Lj. Zotović, Ž. Miletić, M. Glavičić, G. Lipovac-Vrkljan, M.

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