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Two Mithras-Attis terracotta from Kerch

Terracotta tablets depicting a Taurombolium by Attis which might be at the origins of the mithraic Tauroctony iconography.
21 May 2021
Two Mithras-Attis terracotta from CIMRM

Two Mithras-Attis terracotta from CIMRM


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Tablet of terracotta. Together with the following No. from a grave at Glinitschtsche, Kertsch. Formerly at Leningrad, Ermitage, dep. Kertsch No. 893d; actually Museum Odessa (H. 0.139 Br. 0.105).

Stark, Mithrassteine Dormagen, 18 and Pl. III; MMM II 19lf No. 5 and fig. 17; Derewitzky, Odessa 10f with Pl. V, 1; Saxl, Mithras, 13 and fig. 40. See fig. 2.

Mithras dressed in a pair of trousers and a jacket, leaving the stomach and genitals uncovered, keeps a buffalo-like bull under control with one knee, grasping one of its horns with the l.h.

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