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Mithras rock-birth of Trier

The relief depicts the birth of Mithras, holding a globe, surrounded by the zodiac.
14 Aug 2021
Updated 21 Jan 2022
  • Petrogeny of Trier

    Petrogeny of Trier
    Rheinisches Landesmuseum / Thomas Zühmer 

  • Petrogeny of Trier

    Petrogeny of Trier


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On the relief the front of a temple is represented: two columns with capitals, supporting a tympanum. Between the columns a representation of Mithras' rockbirth. In his l.h. the youthful, naked god carries a globe and with his upraised r.h. he supports a circle, on which six signs of the Zodiac. From l. to r.: Aries-Taurus-Gemini-Cancer-Leo-Virgo.

In the four corners, which are left open by the circle, are the busts of the four Winds: Zephyrus (r. upper corner) and Eurus (l. lower corner); Notus (l. upper corner) and Boreas (r. lower corner).

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