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Mitreo di Lucretius Menandro

The Mithraeum of Lucretius Menander was installed in the early 3rd century in an alley to the east of a Hadrianic building named after the solar god temple.
27 Apr 2010
Updated 18 Aug 2021

  • Vista general del Mitreo de Menandro en Ostia

    Vista general del Mitreo de Menandro en Ostia 


  • Leontocéfalo del Mitreo de Fagan (Ostia)

    Leontocéfalo del Mitreo de Fagan (Ostia)


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A Mithraeum (L. 8.00 Br. 4.20), 'Mitreo di Lucrezio Menandro', was discovered recently, on the Via dei Molini (Reg. I, Is. III, 5).

The sanctuary has been constructed in two vaulted rooms of a large house and has the stereotyped division into central aisle (Br. 1.87) and two side-benches (H. 0.45 Br. 1.17), which slope down towards the walls. At a distance of about 4.00 from the main entrance there are deep niches (H. 0.20 Br. 0.25) in them covered with terracotta.

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