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Tauroctony 593

This is first Roman Mithraic Tauroctony sculpture known.
2 May 2010

  • The Trustees of the British Museum 

  • The Trustees of the British Museum 

  • The Trustees of the British Museum 


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Cook 2011, nr. 19:
A group of Mithras sacrificing a bull, with an inscription naming Tiberius Claudius Livianus as the owner of the slave who dedicated it.

Formerly in the collection of Cardinal Farnese in the Via Giulia in the sixteenth century. Recorded by Cittadini (1553-1627); seen by Bianchini between 1702 and 1707 (for references, see CIL VI, 30818). The statement in Bodleian Ms Add D 71, fo. 353, that it was found in the convent of SS. Giovanni e Paolo between the Palatine and the Caelian in 1776 must therefore be wrong.

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