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Mithras-Sol Altar from the Carrawburgh

One of the altars from the Carrawburgh Mithraeum depicts the bust of Mithras or Sol.
24 Jul 2009
Updated 16 Jan 2022
  • Carrawburgh Mithraeum Altar

    Carrawburgh Mithraeum Altar

  • The three mithraic altars of Carrawburgh side by side

    The three mithraic altars of Carrawburgh side by side
    Alun Salt 


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'The sides of the die are plain, the top of the capital flat; its face has four leaves with a trisceles in the centre. A cavity l0 ins. wide has been cut at the back of the capital to carry a lamp. On the upper part pf the die in-low relief is the upper part of Mithras facing front, with arms set at his waist, as he rises from the rock. His cloak covers his body and l. arm; in his r.h. he holds a whip. His head is framed by a panel of ornament, and the rays of his crown are formed by pierced openings through which a lamp, placed in the cavity could throw light.

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Mithraeum of Carrawburgh (Brocolita)

The temple of Mithras of Carrawburgh disclosed three main stages of development, the second exhibiting two reconstructions.


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