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Acta diurna

Daily Gazette

Acta diurna is our Mithraic social stream for keeping up to date with what is happening in The New Mithraeum.

Oct 2023

Mithras Dualism. What are the Philosophical Consequences?

Summary of Mithraic philosophy on a drawing of an ornate temple.

It is possible to draw the organisation of a Mithraeum, and also his philosophical consequences. For example, the two columns were probably very different: the south column was 'human'. the winter column. Reincarnated souls appeared there, And further, pure and philosophical souls left through the gate of Capricorn. The northern column was summer time. Pure souls entered the world of the gods, and imperfect souls were rejected by the Moon and passed through the door of Cancer to be reincarnated (metempsychosis), after a six-month journey that became darker and darker.