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  • Monumentum

    Marble slab with inscription from Mitreo Fagan

    This monument bears an inscription that describes the god Mithra as young, which is quite unusual.

    TNMM518 – CIMRM 315

    C(aius) Valerius Heracles pat[e]r e[t] an[tis]/tes dei iu[b]enis inconrupti So[l]is invicti Mithra[e / c]ryptam palati concessa[m] sibi a M(arco) Aurelio / ---
  • Notitia

    Re-interpreting the Mysteries of Mithras

    Ernest Renan suggested that without the rise of Christianity, we might all have embraced the cult of Mithras. Nevertheless, it has had a lasting influence on secret societies, religious movements and popular culture.
  • Notitia

    The MITHRA Project

    Laurent Bricault has revolutionised Mithraic studies with the exhibition The Mystery of Mithras. Meet this professor in Toulouse for a fascinating look at the latest discoveries and what lies ahead.
  • Locus


    Ostia may have been Rome's first colony. According to legend, Ancus Marcius, the fourth king of Rome, destroyed the area and founded the colony. An inscription seems to confirm the foundation of the ancient castrum of Ostia in the 7th century BC.
  • Notitia

    Dazzling 'Temple of Colored Marbles' Honoring Roman God Discovered in Italy

    The ancient Roman worshippers were likely in altered states of consciousness.
  • Monumentum

    Frescoes with standing figures of Mitreo delle Pareti Dipinte

    The frescoes depict several figures dressed in different garments associated with the Mithraic degrees.

    TNMM104 – CIMRM 268

  • Monumentum

    Mosaics from Mitreo degli Animali

    Several figures related to the Mysteries of Mithras are depicted on the mosaics of the Mithraeum of the Animals.

    TNMM168 – CIMRM 279

  • Monumentum

    Cippus from the Mitreo delle Pareti Dipinte

    This small monument bear the inscriptions of a certain Caelius Ermeros, antistes at the Mithraeum of the Painted Walls.

    TNMM583 – CIMRM 269

    C. Caelius E[r]/meros / antis/tes h[ui]/us loc[i] / fecit / s(ua) p(ecunia).
  • Monumentum

    Mosaic of Fructus from the Mitreo del Sabazeo

    The mosaic bears an inscription indicating the name of the owner.

    TNMM490 – CIMRM 301

    Fruc[tus ?] / (s)uis in/pendis / consum/mavit.
  • Monumentum

    Graffito of the Mitreo del Caseggiato di Diana

    In the cult niche of the Mitreo del Caseggiato di Diana there is a list of words that could indicate names and measurements.

    TNMM684 – CIMRM 218