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Legion of Lust

Lukas Scott

A erotic military fantasy set against the dramatic background of Rome's conquest of the British Isles.

Young Roman soldier Titus is stationed in Britain just after Boadicea's rebellion, where he belongs to the mysterious and erotic Mithras cult. The sect's rites grow more and more extreme, until Titus realises that he may be required to betray his secret lover, the Celtic druid Coll, who is himself a follower of the Old Ways of the Britons.

A historical military fantasy set against the dramatic background of Rome's conquest of the British Isles, Legion of Lust features battlefields, secret cults and heart-rending gay romance alongside the raunchiest sex imaginable, all in the untamed wilderness of Ancient Britain.

Praise for Hot on the Trail, Scott's previous erotic novel:

"Lukas Scott put the wild back into the West" – Ophelia's muse

"Bittersweet erotic fiction" –

Lukas Scott has been a university lecturer, nun, theatre director, bookseller, television-and-film extra, counsellor and safer-sex worker.

In this, his second novel Legion of Lust, Lukas Scott unveils a homosexual version of the Mysteries of Mithras through the adventures of a young soldier enlisted in Legio XX.


  • Jorge Gallo

    If you want definitive proof that Mithraism was different in every corner of the empire, just read this book! What the hell was going on in Britannia? I admit that love pulp fiction and have been interested in Mithraism for so long that I expected to have fun with this one. I did, not as much as I'd have liked, but it's a read. You might think that Mithraism is a great subject for fiction. A novelist can amuse himself by filling in the many gaps that surround the cult. Yet Lukas Scott decides to reinvent the whole thing, content to keep a very light and often erratic skeleton to build his story. The characters lack volume. We don't know much about their backstories and that's probably for the best. A light plot seems to be building up behind the scenes, but not really, the whole thing decanting into a sort of a love story (or so Scott tells us) between a Brit and a Roman. And of course, they both have beautiful, strong, young, perfect muscular bodies with big, long johns. Other than that, it's readable. There are some neat scenes, sporadic appearances and situations that are worth it. The entire books feels like a collection of erotic short stories settled in Roman times, and some are okay. Not for everyone, certainly, but for those into gay stuff, blow jobs, and some time to spare.

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