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Osterburken became a Roman fort on the Limes border around 160 AD.

Mithraic monuments of Osterburken


Mithräum von Osterburken

The Mithraeum of Osterburken could not be excavated bodily owing to the water of a well in the immediate neighbourhood. The monument had been covered carefully with sand.

CIMRM 1291


Tauroctony of Osterburken

Franz Cumont considers the bas relief of Osterburken 'the most remarkable of all the monuments of the cult of Mithras found up to now'.

CIMRM 1292

Inscriptions of Osterburken

D[eo] S[oli] I[nvicto] M[ithrae] M[er?]catorius Castrensis in suo cons[ituit].
To the unconquerable sun god Mithras, Mercatorius Castrensis erected (this monument) on his property.

Tauroctony of Osterburken