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Brigetio, which became Szőny, was an independent town until 1977, when it was incorporated into Komárom. The Roman legion Legio I Adiutrix was stationed here from 86 AD until the middle of the 5th century.

Brothers active in Brigetio


Mithraic monuments of Brigetio


Tabula ansata from Brigetio

The tablet shows a dedication by a Roman soldier.

CIMRM 1739


Tauroctony bronze of Szőny

Szony's bronze plate shows Mithra slaying the bull and the seven planets with attributes at the bottom of the composition.

CIMRM 1727


Mithraeum of Szőny

The Mithraeum of Szony has the form of a grotto and the entrance is on the west side.

CIMRM 1723

Inscriptions of Brigetio

Deo Invicto / Ulpius Sabinus / miles legio/nis primae / (A)diutricis.
To the Invincible God, Ulpius Sabinus, soldier of the Legio I Adiutrix.

Tabula ansata from Brigetio