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Statio Vizianum

Klečevce is a village in the municipality of Kumanovo, North Macedonia.

Mithraic monuments of Statio Vizianum


Altar of Klechovtse

The limestone altar at Klechovtse in North Macedonia bears an inscription to the invincible Mithras.

CIMRM 2209

Inscriptions of Statio Vizianum

[D(eo) i(nvicto)] M(ithrae) / fano mag(no) / pro sal(ute) Aug[g(ustorum)] n(ostrorum) / Apollonides / eorund(em) vect(igalis) Il/lyr(ici) ser(vus) (contra)sc(riptor) st(ationis) / Lamud(---) quam vove/rat (contra)sc(riptor) sta(tionis) Vizi(ani) // A(pollo)n(ides)s Viz(iani) // Gentia/no et / Basso [co(n)s(ulibus)].
To the invincible god Mithras, a great temple, for the safety of our Agustus Apollonides, the servant of Illyricum, the contrascriptor of the garrison of those tributaries, Lamud--- which he had vowed, the contrary of the station of Viziani.

Altar of Klechovtse