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Bronze inscription from Aldobrandini

This plaque, now on display in the British Museum, may have come from the Aldobrandini Mithraeum in Ostia.
Placa de bronce con inscripción encontrada en el Mitreo Aldobrandini, Ostia

Placa de bronce con inscripción encontrada en el Mitreo Aldobrandini, Ostia
Eric Taylor 

The New Mithraeum
14 Jun 2009
Updated on May 2023

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Bronze slab (H. 0.41 Br. 0.285) with inscr. No. 235. It seems to have been found in the same sanctuary [of Aldobrandini]. From the Castellani ColI. to London, Br. Mus.

The top of the tablet is divided into three sections by two triangular notches. In the central section the naked bust of Sol with an aureole of seven rays around his head, three of which are broken off. The bust emerges from acanthus-leaves. In the r. section a patera, in the l. section a sacrificial knife. A handle has been made on the back, decorated with leafwork in relief. At the extremities a long, pointed dog's head.

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Mitreo Aldobrandini

The Mithraeum of Aldobrandini was excavated in 1924 by G. Calza on the premises belonging to the Aldobrandini family.

Inscription of Mitreo Aldobrandini by Sextus

This inscription found in the Mithraeum Aldobrandini informs us of certain restorations carried out in the temple during a second phase of development.

Relief of Silvanus

This 3rd century marble relief of Silvanus is the only sculpture found in Mitreo Aldobrandini.