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Inscription of Mitreo Aldobrandini by Sextus

This inscription found in the Mithraeum Aldobrandini informs us of certain restorations carried out in the temple during a second phase of development.
The New Mithraeum
17 Nov 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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Deum vetustate religione / in velo formatum et umore obnubi/latum marmoreum cum / throno omnibusq(ue) ornamentis / a solo omni impendio suo fecit / Sex(tus) Pompeius Maximus pater/ q(ui) s(upra) s(criptus) est/ et praesepia marmoravit p(edes) LXVII idem s(ua) p(ecunia).

II dio che una antica devozione aveva rappresentato (in pittura) sopra un velo, essendo annerito (o cancellato) dall'umidita, Sex. Pompeius Maximus l'ha fatto in marmo con il suo trono etc.


deum: it is not necessary to identify the god with Jupiter Coelus (Ahura Mazda), as Cumont does.
in velo tormatum:

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Mitreo Aldobrandini

The Mithraeum of Aldobrandini was excavated in 1924 by G. Calza on the premises belonging to the Aldobrandini family.

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This plaque, now on display in the British Museum, may have come from the Aldobrandini Mithraeum in Ostia.

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This 3rd century marble relief of Silvanus is the only sculpture found in Mitreo Aldobrandini.