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Antiochus I shakes hands with Mithras

Antiochus I of Commagene shakes Mithras hands in this relief from the Nemrut Dagi temple.
  • Antiochus I Theos and Apollo-Mithras-Helios-Hermes from Nemrut Dağı.

    Antiochus I Theos and Apollo-Mithras-Helios-Hermes from Nemrut Dağı.
    Herman Brijder 

  • Antiochus I shakes hands with Mithras.

    Antiochus I shakes hands with Mithras.
    Carl Humann 

The New Mithraeum
16 Jun 2009
Updated on Nov 2022

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Antiochus, in richly decorated attire with a tiara on his head, holds out his r.h. to Mithras. He carries a short dagger at his side and holds a sceptre in his l.h. Mithras wears a similar attire with only this difference, that he wears a Phrygian cap with two hanging ribbons, covering his ears. Around the head a nimbus and a crown with 21 rays. The attire consists of a cuirass and a cloak, fastened in front with a round fibula. Beneath the cuirass a long tunica, which is held up between the legs with straps or strings to facilitate walking. Around the neck a necklace. Mithras extends his r.h…

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Mount Nemrut Dağı

Mount Nemrut or Nemrud is one of the highest peaks in the eastern Taurus Mountains, southeastern Turkey. On its summit large statues stand around what is supposed to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC.

Head of Mithras at Nemrud Dag

The colossal head has been identified as a solar god, Apollo-Mihr-Mithras-Helios-Hermes.

Lion relief from Nemrut Dag

The lion relief from Nemrut Dag has the moon and several stars over his body.