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Cautopates de Bordeaux

The Cautopates of Bordeaux stands as usual with his legs crossed and arms down.
Mitra de Bordeux

Mitra de Bordeux 

The New Mithraeum
17 Jun 2009
Updated on 13 Sep 2023

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Standing torchbearer, cross-legged. He is dressed in a tunic, anaxyrides and cloak, fastened on his r. shoulder.

This limestone statue discovered in 1986 in the Temple of Bordeaux presents Cautopates in the usual style, dressed in oriental fashion like the god Mithra himself, with a Phrygian cap and cape painted in red. Contrary to his colleague Cautes, who, standing with his legs crossed raises his torch and symbolises light, day and renewal, Cautopates has his torch lowered, and represents the counterpoint of dusk, autumn and death.

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