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Tauroctony of Palermo

The assumed find-place of the Mithras Tauroctonus of Palermo is uncertain.
The New Mithraeum
1 Jul 2009
Updated on Oct 2023

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Frame-work relief in white marble (H. 0.67 Br. 0.73 D. 0.15). The assumed find-place Panormus is uncertain, as the relief (as well as No. 165) was part of the ColI. Astuto di Noto, which has been stored partly in Sicilia, partly at Rome. Palermo, Mus. Nazionale (Inv. No. 751).

Salinas, Mus. Pal., 13; MMM II 269 No. 119 with fig. 112; RRS II 476,2; Pace, Sic. Ant., III 675 n. 5; fig. 46 through the kind intercession of the Direction of the Museum.

In the middle Mithras killing the bull with averted face. The dog licks the blood; the scorpion at the genitalia; the snake creeping over the g…

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