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Cautes and Cautopates of Palermo

These two mithraic sculptures of Cautes and Cautopates belong to the same collection of Astuto de Noto, made up of mostly Sicilian monuments.
  • Cautes of Palermo

    Cautes of Palermo

  • Cautopates of Palermo

    Cautopates of Palermo

The New Mithraeum
18 Oct 2023

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Two white marble statues (H. 0.71 and 0.69). Palermo, Mus. Naz. (Inv. Nos 729/730).

MMM II 270 No. 120 and fig. III/3; MM, Pl. II, 4; Pace, Sic. Ant., III, 675.

The two torchbearers in tunic, long hanging cloak and Phrygian cap. They are holding their torches with both hands. Cross-legged.

These two white marble statues (71 and 69 cm high), together with a group of tauroctonic sculptures (CIMRM 164), belong to the same group that was part of the Astuto de Noto collection in the 18th century, which consisted partly of Sicilian monuments, but also of monuments acquired

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Tauroctony of Palermo

The assumed find-place of the Mithras Tauroctonus of Palermo is uncertain.