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Mitreo di Marino

The Mithraeum of Marino is the longest temple devoted to Mithras know hitherto.
  • Mitreo di Marino

    Mitreo di Marino 

  • Tauroctonia del Mitreo di Marino

    Tauroctonia del Mitreo di Marino 

  • Alliance between Mithras and Sol

    Alliance between Mithras and Sol

  • Sol allegiance to Mithras

    Sol allegiance to Mithras

  • Alliance between Mithras and Sol

    Alliance between Mithras and Sol

  • Altar of Mitreo di Marino

    Altar of Mitreo di Marino 

The New Mithraeum
20 May 2007
Updated on Feb 2022

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Mr V. Zoffoli, enlarging his wine-cellars near the railway-station in 1963, discovered a grotto dedicated to the mighty and secret god. The plan of the Mithraeum is the usual one. Behind a wide entrance hall (L. 13.25 m, W. 8.00 m) we find the sanctuary itself, which is exceptionally long and much narrower (W. 3.10 m) than the ante-room. The longest Mithraeum of the Roman Imperium known hitherto was that at Sarmizegetusa is in Dacia (L. 26 m), the one at Marino however is 29.20 metres long, which is twice the normal length. The arrangement of benches on either side with a nave in between is

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Fresco Tauroctony of Mitreo di Marino

The importance of the Mithraeum of Marino lies in its frescoes, the most significant of which is that of Mithras slaying the bull, surrounded by mythological scenes.

Altar in Mitreo di Marino

The monument is engraved with an inscription by Cresces, the donor.