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Mithraic meal from Proložac, Croatia

Mithras and Sol share a sacred meal accompanied by Cautes and Cautopates on a relief found in a cemetery from Croatia.
Mithras feast from Proložac

Mithras feast from Proložac
Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, Split 

The New Mithraeum
28 Jul 2021
Updated on Feb 2022

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On one side of the relief, we found the scene of the sacred meal between Mithras and Sol. The most important episode besides the killing of the bull […] is the joint meal of Mithras and Helios/Sol, who lie together on the skin of the bull and, as was customary in antiquity, eat the brewed innards and drink wine with it. In order to appropriately emphasise the centrality of this cult meal, a special form of the main relief was developed, the central part of which could be rotated around its own axis at a certain moment of the ritual in order to vividly demonstrate to the cult participants