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Statius Ursus

Dedicated with his son Ursinus the double face relief of Proložac.

  • Mithras feast from Proložac

    Mithras feast from Proložac
    Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, Split 



  • Active circa late 3rd century in Dalmatia.

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Mithraic meal from Proložac, Croatia

Mithras and Sol share a sacred meal accompanied by Cautes and Cautopates on a relief found in a cemetery from Croatia.

Invicto Mithre Stati(i) ursus / et Ursinus pat(er) et fil(ius) v(otum) l(ibentes) p(osuerunt).
To the invincible Mithras, Statius Ursus and Statius Ursinus, father and son, took this vow willingly.

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