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Mithraic rock and vase of Rusicade

Both objects have a snake winding itself around them.
Mithraic rock and vase from Rusicade

Mithraic rock and vase from Rusicade

The New Mithraeum
15 Aug 2021
Updated on Mar 2022

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Marble block (H. 0.42). Conical rock with a snake, winding itself around it, lifting its head up in the air. In the back a hole (diam. 0.10, deep 0.10) has been drilled.
Bertrand, Cat. Philippeville, 56f; Gsell-Bertrand, Mus. Philippeville, 50 and PI. VI, 7. Fig. 42 from the cast in the Museum at Algiers.
CIMRM 128Marble vase (H. 0.60, Diam. 0.50). Vase with rounded cover, in which one big and two smaller semi-circular holes. A snake winds itself around the vase, holding its head near the largest aperture to drink from it. The tail is lacking.
Delamare, Expl. Alg., PI. 16 Nos. 11-12; Bertra…

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