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Mithraeum of Skikda

Many of the inscriptions and sculptures of the site were kept in a museum which has been destroyed.
  • Aion of Skikda

    Aion of Skikda

  • Silvanus of Skikda

    Silvanus of Skikda

  • Mithraic rock and vase from Rusicade

    Mithraic rock and vase from Rusicade

The New Mithraeum
10 Jun 2009
Updated on Jan 2022

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Except for a badly damaged theater, practically nothing remains of the ancient town, which was a very important port in the Roman period and no doubt even before. Ruins were seen at the beginning of the French occupation but they have disappeared under the modern town. As with Rusguniae and Rusucurru, the root Rus suggests a Punic settlement or Punicized native town. There is, however, no trace of archaeological evidence. The attribution of coins with a Punic legend to the town remains hypothetical.

In the Roman period Rusicada was a colony which participated with Cirta, Milev, and Chullu

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Aion of Skikda

The lion-headed figure of Skikda includes a pine-apple beside his feet.

Silvanus of Skikda

The statue of Skikda has seven holes in his hair for fastening rays.

Mithraic rock and vase of Rusicade

Both objects have a snake winding itself around them.