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Stele of the Arch of San Lazzaro

This stele found at the foot of the Aventine bears an inscription of Kastos father and son, and mentions several syndexioi who shared the same temple.
The New Mithraeum
27 Jan 2022

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On a marble stele (H. 1.58 Br. 0.20 D. 0.16) Mus. Capitolino. L.H. 0.19-0.22.

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Mitreo all'Arco di San Lazzaro

Three mithraic monuments were found in 1931, suggesting that a mithraeum probably existed in the area.

Inscription of Kastos father and son

Second Mithraic monument dedicated by the Kastos family, found not far from the Arco di S. Lazzaro, in Rome.