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Kastos (father)


Together with his son, with whom he shares his name, Kastos has dedicated several monuments in Rome to the glory of Zeus Helios Mithras.

of Kastos (father)


In the various inscriptions he has consecrated, found near the Aventine Hill in Rome, not far from the Arch of S. Lazzaro, Kastos mentions Zeus Helios Mithras and includes the other gods who share the temple. He does not forget to name his son, also called Kastos, and indicates that he is a sacred raven.


Inscription of Kastos father and son

Second Mithraic monument dedicated by the Kastos family, found not far from the Arco di S. Lazzaro, in Rome.

TNMM 449

Διί 'Ηλίω Μίθρα / άνεικήτω Κάστος / πατήρ καί Κάστος / ύιός / ύιός ίερός κόραξ.
To Zeus Helios Mithras invincible, Kastos father and Kastos son, Sacred Raven.

Stele of the Arch of San Lazzaro

This stele found at the foot of the Aventine bears an inscription of Kastos father and son, and mentions several syndexioi who shared the same temple.

TNMM 443

To Zeus Helios great invincible Mithras and to the gods who share the same sanctuary, as a gift, Kastos father and Kastos son, sacred Raven, consecrated two bronze lamps, each with six wicks, and dedicated them while the fathers Loukios Satyrios Sporos and Paktoumeios Lausos, and the Lions Modestos, Paralios, Agathaemeros, Felix, Apamenios, Koedi (?) acted as servants (hyperetes).



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