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Inscription of Septimius Archelaus

This marble plaque was made by a Pater and priest Lucius Septimius Archelaus of Mithras for him, his wife and his freedmen and freedwomen.
Inscription of Septimius Archelaus

Inscription of Septimius Archelaus
Les Cultes de Mithra dans l’Empire Romain 

The New Mithraeum
29 Jan 2022
Updated on Jul 2024

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Tabula marmorea.

D(is) M(anibus) / L. Septimius Aug(ustorum trium) lib/(ertus) pater et sacerdos invicti / Mithrae domus augustanae / fecit sibi et Cosiae Primitivae / coniugi benemerenti libertis liberta/busque posterisq(ue) eorum.

Tres Augusti intelligendi sunt Severus et Antoninus Augusti et Geta Caesar. From this inscription it appears that Mithras had also found acceptance with the Imperial Court.

CIL VI 2271; MMM II No. 35.