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Fragment with inscription to Arimanius Casa di Diana

The image of the god Arimanius to which this monument refers has not yet been found.
The New Mithraeum
2 Feb 2022
Updated on Jan 2023

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Fragment of an marble architrave (H. 0.19 Br. 0.67) found in 1899 in the Via della Fontana.

The fragment has an inscription dedicated to Ahriman, to whom Lollianus Callinicus (et. No. 222) erected a statue.


[M(arco) L]olliano Callinico patre / [P]etronius Felix Marsus / signum Arimanium do(num) ded(it).

Marsus: from the country of the Marsi.

Arimanium: see index s.v. and MMM I. 139; Vermaseren, De Mithrasdienst, 16.

The image of the god Arimanius to which this piece makes reference has not yet been found.

G. Gatti in NSc (S. 5) VII, 1899, 621; Becatti, Mitrei

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